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Sample Safari Itinerary – Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is a classic safari destination and home to some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife regions, including the famous Serengeti, the vast Ngorongoro Crater and Africa’s largest game reserve, the Nyerere National Park. Combine your safari with a tropical island stay in Zanzibar, just off the Tanzania coast, for the ideal mix of adventure and relaxation.

On a Tanzanian safari, you’re not just observing. You’re part of the scene. Animals roam freely, offering a genuine glimpse into their daily lives. As dusk falls, the adventure doesn’t end. You’ll relax in comfortable lodges, the unique sounds of the savannah as your lullaby.

The country’s landscapes are as diverse as its wildlife, from the Serengeti’s dry plains to Ngorongoro’s lush forests. Every corner of Tanzania offers a different slice of nature, promising a rich and unforgettable wildlife journey.

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