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Serengeti Mara River Crossing

big herd wildebeest mara river
Life and death are on parade at the most reliably perilous site of “the Great Migration".

The Mara River in Kogatende Area, Serengeti, is packed full of action in August as massive herds cross for migration. You will experience prime wildlife viewing during a Great Migration safari as tons of different animals from small to large are abundant and full of life during this time of the year. River crossing is at its height in August and lasts until September. The mega herds move non-stop as they follow the rain, and head to greener pastures. You will witness predators running after the crowds as they prey on large animals. The height of action in Kogatende is at its peak during August. Thus, if you want a remarkable safari tour, this is the best time to head to the Mara River.

The Mara River:

The Mara River is a river that flows across the Serengeti National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve. It is at the Mara River that one of the most spectacular wildlife events takes place every single year; in the middle of the wilderness of Tanzania and Kenya culminates into the great spectacular show of life and death.

Know Before You Go

The timing of the migration varies slightly form year to year depending on the rains, however the migration is usually in the Mara from late July to early October, and August is the peak time when most of the animals are in the Mara. If you want to see the migration at other times of year, you will need to go to Tanzania to see then in the Serengeti. If you are keen to see a river crossing then you will need to be careful when booking your lodge, as many places are 2-3 hours from the river crossings. The further away you are from the river, the more of your game drive will be taking up by travelling, or example, if you stay at a lodge 3 hours from the river you will need to spend 6 hours just driving to and from the river from your accommodation. Lodges nearer the river are more expensive, however you will have a much better chance of seeing a river crossing as you can spend longer at the river.

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