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How to Volunteer in Africa?

However this is a very important issue for those who have the passion to help those who are less fortunate. East Safaris, we collaborate with some orphanages to help children who unfortunately, lost one or both of their parents and children who come from families with lack of basic needs, because of the low level of the economy. Our motive for doing so is to help get the basic needs, which any type of human being could have. This, in general, includes clothing, food, education and sanitary service.

How to do it?

East Safaris, we are voices and relief for the voiceless! Our mission in this matter is to ensure that children who live in complicated situations, we necessarily help them when it coincides to do so. In addition, we have put this section on our website to open this topic to the world. East Safaris, we have it in mind that there are many people who want to help us in this matter, but due to lack of information have not been able to do so, so we facilitate the idea towards our projects of selling safaris in East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda). We share it openly with those who are passionate about helping others and it is not an obligatory matter for our clients.

Helping a person, is not because someone is rich enough, but because he feels responsible and passionate to do it to the one in need. So a person can invite the opportunity to volunteer in any way he/she wants:

Orphan or Alumni Giving Time.

Our esteemed clients can give their time whenever they want to make a visit to one of the orphanages that East Safaris collaborates with. This occasion will give the opportunity to experience what East Safaris is doing. When we are in an orphanage or in the indicated centers, including primary schools, we can share the activities that the workers of these sites do, including giving food to the children, cleaning when necessary, teaching, milking and much more that is found in these sites.

Donate What You Can!

Just as we do East Safaris, the provision of gifts that advance the children by reflecting on their future becomes all the more necessary. Even giving time to spend with them is a privilege, but providing them with clothing and school supplies; such as pencils, notebooks, pencil sharpeners, toys, books, markers and much more related, is considered much more valuable. Collaborating with money donations is much more essential, because it can work a lot to do more than what we have not had on the list; even improving the sanitary service: buying soap, taking it to the hospital, salaries of the orphanage workers who also have families. Pay for electricity, water, school fees for those going to high school or college and much more.

Can You Adopt A Child?

A person passionate about volunteering has the opportunity to adopt a child from the orphanage according to the law; but by donating him or her from afar or living with him or her in his or her own land and not taking him or her abroad. East Safaris, we see it very fair to help a child in his or her land to help the whole community rather than to take him or her abroad, because this child could be raised differently and be completely disconnected from his or her native culture and tradition. We document it because we have enough caution from families who are complaining about their children for years without solution.

How Is The Collaboration Done?

East Safaris, we mediate between the collaborators or donors and the orphanage to ensure that the collaboration or donation gets properly to those in need. Our harmony is to give the necessary connection, because most NGOs, publish a lot of so called “less fortunate people” and charge a lot, to reach less or nothing of what is indicated, to those in need. It is not necessarily to collaborate indirectly with East Safaris, but to avoid fraud it is better to think twice before.

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