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Luxury Safaris

Our customized grandeur safaris in Eastern and Southern Africa represent the finest: generous, utmost amenities, location, food, boutique accommodation and personalized service on the continent, all tailored to your own style and wishes. You are surrounded by finery amidst the African bush no place on Earth offers the same indulgence among the world’s most spectacular wildlife and scenery. Whether you prefer understated beauty that blends seamlessly with the environment or a glamorous escape from the African bush, we find the perfect frill camp for your ultimate African bush holiday.

We have the personal experience and knowledgeable insight needed to cater to your every desire. We can arrange for special activities with private guides, sumptuous bush meals, intimate rustic retreats and much more! Best of all, our pick of refined accommodations are ones that are strategically sited such that you are close to the finest places for wildlife viewing, and that you discover Africa’s beauty without its crowds.

Luxury Safari Tours
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